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It may be easy to avoid routine services like immunizations or physical exams, but coming in for preventive care could extend your life. At Valencia Medical Center in Olympia Heights, Miami, Florida, Judith Valencia, MD, and Inti Fernandez, MD, offer men’s health services that help you make health and wellness a priority. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.

Men's Health Q&A

What is men’s health?

Men’s health is a specialty within family medicine. The team at Valencia Medical Center reviews your health risks and individual needs. They offer personalized advice and guidance for prioritizing your health and making office visits when you need them. 

Compared to women, men are at higher risks for many health complications. That is because they’re often more likely to engage in risky behaviors and neglect routine medical care, like physical exams and sick visits. 

The experts at Valencia Medical Center are here to help you make healthy adjustments to your lifestyle and learn more about your body’s needs. 

Men are also at risk for certain conditions, like prostate conditions or low testosterone. The team evaluates you for conditions like these if you are at risk or have symptoms. 

Which services does men’s health include?

Valencia Medical Center’s team wants to encourage you to make health a priority, even if you don’t think about it much from day to day. They offer plenty of services to help you prevent diseases or detect them early.

Men’s health services that are available at Valencia Medical Center include:

Annual physical exams

As your health risks rise due to aging, make time once a year for a visit to Valencia Medical Center for routine care. That includes vaccination updates and tests like echocardiograms, blood tests and urinalysis, and lung screenings.

Prostate services

A prostate exam is a test for prostate cancer or enlargement. It can be part of a routine physical, or you can get one if you have concerns about your prostate health. For example, trouble urinating is a possible sign of a prostate issue. 

Other cancer screenings

The team at Valencia Medical Center helps you review your health risks and family history to determine if you need any other cancer screenings, like screenings for colorectal cancer or lung cancer. 

Other services you may need include testosterone replacement therapy, sick visits, and immunizations. 

How can I improve my men’s health outcomes at home?

Making healthy adjustments on your own time can extend your lifespan by years or even decades. 

While it’s easy to fall into some unhealthy habits or tendencies, certain behaviors and substances can increase your risk for diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, and other serious consequences. 

You can become healthier by following these tips from your providers at Valencia Medical Center:

  • Exercise regularly 
  • Cut back on alcohol or stop drinking
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid illicit drugs
  • Improve your diet
  • Wear sunscreen 
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take vitamins or hormones

Additionally, it’s important to make physical examinations with the team at Valencia Medical Center part of your routine. You can talk to the team about how often to come in for annual exams considering your current health and health risks. 

Schedule your next men’s health visit over the phone or online at Valencia Medical Center today.